Five tips for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs

Five tips for women entrepreneurs

Are women just as good at entrepreneurship as men? Sure, if they choose their strategy well.

More and more female leaders are seeking to create their own empire and do not wait for the authorization of a man to try it, for years the salary of women has been lower than theirs in most countries. In the United States, for example, female employees between the ages of 18 and 24 earn 88% of what their male colleague earns. While those between the ages of 45 and 54 receive 77% of the salary of a man in the same position.

On average, women earn 77 cents for every dollar that goes to men. This amount in Mexico is reduced to 54 cents, which is practically half. Women know that their work is just as valuable as that of any other individual. This is why many have decided to create their own businesses. For them, we present five essential tips that every female entrepreneur should consider:

Align Your Business With Your Personal Goals

Women empowerment

Before starting, identify why you are doing this, what are you looking to change in society? Remember that a company goes beyond the monetary reward. It is to be able to fulfill yourself professionally and contribute something truly useful to your consumers. None of the great leaders like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg focused on money first. Jobs wanted to revolutionize the industry looking for everyone to have their own personal computer that was also extremely easy to use, Zuckerberg wanted to unite people through his social network. Think first of fulfilling your dreams, be passionate about them and they will bear fruit.

Maintain Work Balance

Although this should be a rule for everyone, women are given the prejudice of not being able to be good professionals because, in the long run, they cannot manage the home, the children, and the tasks with the work routine and excessive work. Show that you can do it, you just have to learn to separate your times well. Designate hours in the office in which you will not be distracted by anyone. As well as moments with your family in which you will not be interrupted by suppliers, collaborators, or clients; in the end, everyone will get used to it and you will stay professional. For this, it is required that you have your own office independent of your home. So it will be easier to separate both areas.

Make Good Contacts

Women by nature have good social skills, that is why networking is not going to be one of the difficult tasks to develop. It is proven that they are much more empathetic and learn to listen to others So one of the best strategies in your business will be to create good alliances and get exceptional clients. Do not miss a single opportunity to network with others, meetings with colleagues, potential investors, and even competitors, etc.

Don’t Forget The Details

This is to clearly define your brand and to whom it is directed. As well as logo, colors, its meaning, packaging, customer service, etc. You must make sure that your company is always easy to remember and that it expresses something representative of your consumers. When we say “soft drink,” we think of Coca-Cola, while when we say “doll,” we think of Barbie, you should do something similar with your brand and not deviate from it or lose its purpose.

Ask For Help

One of the best qualities of women leaders in large companies is that they know how to follow their instinct. In addition to the fact that they are not afraid to say that they need help. Unlike what happens with many men. This is why a considerable number of companies created by Male entrepreneurs fail because they put their ego before their business. Just as you ask for information on the street when you are lost or look for tutorials on the Internet. When you do not understand what your smartphone says. You should not be intimidated by the business world dominated by men, raise your hand and you can solve the problem.

The best advice for any entrepreneur, both men, and women, is to love what you do and be convinced of the project. Without passion, it is difficult for a business to succeed because it requires much more work than we initially imagined. Consider all the possibilities and move forward with your project.

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