Dry face skin: the causes and treatments to combat it

the cause of dry face skin

Dry face skin: the causes and treatments to combat it

Dry face skin is a common problem for many people. It manifests itself with the appearance of small wrinkles, redness, dehydration, itching. But what are the causes of dry skin and what can we do to provide hydration to our face? We talk about it in the article.

Those with dry skin often feel the sensation of having a face that “pulls” and has dehydration, scaling of the skin, small roughness, and signs of expression; the causes are many, both environmental and genetic. But the good news is that we can take care of our face by providing it with the necessary hydration. Like? You will find out in the article. And if you are looking for an anti-aging beauty routine to combat facial aging, don’t miss the video!

What does it mean to have dry facial skin and how can it be recognized

Having dry facial skin means that the superficial layer of the epidermis has a lower quantity of water and sebum. On the other hand, have a skin defined as “normal”. At first glance, dry skin appears dehydrated, dry, cracked, sometimes wrinkled, and flaky, while in the most serious cases it can lead to redness. Itching, small cuts, inflammation, and a sensation of skin perpetually in tension. There are areas of the body, such as the knees, feet, elbows, and hands, which tend to have thicker and wrinkled skin. And this is completely normal as there are fewer sebaceous glands. However, when it is the skin of the face to be dry and dehydrated. You have to run for cover and try to provide it with all the necessary hydration with ad hoc treatments.

Dry face skin, in fact, is one of the first causes of premature aging, especially in the area around the eyes and lips. Often a chapped and tight skin is also sensitive. In fact, it is probably subject to redness and inflammation: this happens because the lipid layer that should act as a barrier between the epidermis and external agents is very thin and cannot protect the skin. To combat dry skin you need to regularly apply moisturizers and emollient substances. However, sometimes external hydration is not enough. And you have to act by changing the external factors that are among the main causes of dehydration, such as smoking and excess. of Sun.

Dry skin is recognized because it gives a feeling of tension and itching to those who suffer from it, while when you apply the moisturizer it seems to diminish. In severe cases, when the skin is so dry that it becomes pathological, we speak of xerosis. The symptoms of this disorder are:

Causes of dry skin

Dry face skin treatment

The surface of the skin considered normal is naturally protected by a hydrolipidic film, which is mainly made up of water and lipids (i.e. sebum). This barrier is a defense of the skin against external aggressions and also prevents the loss of water. However, when an imbalance occurs, the function of this protective film can fail and the skin can begin to show symptoms of dryness.

However, unlike dehydrated skin, whose condition is only temporary, dry skin is chronic, in fact, it is mainly due to a genetic factor. There are, however, several causes that can accentuate this condition. The main ones are:

  • environmental type When it is very cold or the air is particularly dry, the skin is affected by drying out; or, when you are exposed to the sun a lot, you risk accentuating the roughness of the skin.
  • wrong products for cleansing of excessive hygiene Very aggressive products on the skin can worsen the situation, for this reason, it is important to use only soaps that respect the natural lipid balance of the epidermis.
  • use of drugs Certain medications and health treatments (such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and dialysis) can dry out the skin very much.
  • smoke Cigarette smoking is one of the factors that most deprive the skin of hydration and must be avoided absolutely.

Among the internal causes that can predispose to dry face skin, we find several factors including:

  • hormonal imbalances
  • genetic predisposition
  • pregnancy and menopause
  • aging
  • diet low in fruit and vegetables
  • lack of hydration (little water drunk during the day)

In this case, the internal factors that predispose to dry skin cannot be solved simply by applying a moisturizer to the face and body. Even if this operation is one of the first to be put into practice. In fact, to prevent the skin situation from worsening, it is useful to combine the cream with a general change in one’s habits. For example, start drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables, avoiding the sun’s rays. Another factor that contributes to very dry skin is smoking: the sooner you quit the better (even for the skin!). In short, moisturizers are not enough, you have to act from the inside if you want to have soft and nourished skin.

Remedies for face dryness

To combat dry skin on the face, it is necessary to frequently moisturize the skin. Using creams based on hyaluronic acid, urea, ceramides, and lactate. L ‘ hyaluronic acid, in particular, is very also used to prevent skin aging. And to counteract the occurrence of small wrinkles. In fact, it has the ability to bind water to itself and transfer it to the epidermal cells. Another factor that can contribute to hydration is to use only cleaning products formulated specifically for dry and sensitive skin. In fact, cleansing the epidermis with too aggressive formulas. Or soaps is one of the main causes of inflammation and skin reactions.

Then, it is very useful to do face masks to give an extra dose of hydration. And before going to sleep, use an oil (or in any case an oil-based cream). So that the emollient substances penetrate during the night’s rest and give softness to the skin.

Among the natural moisturizing substances able to give relief to You may dry face skin, oil (especially the natural and organic ones of argan and almond) are an excellent treatment to help the epidermis find a correct balance.

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