How should a bra fit? Tricks you were never told

How should a bra fit? Tricks you were never told

One day you open the drawer of underwear and finally assume that you cannot delay any longer, that you have to urgently go to buy a bra. Look horror! Then a big question arises: how should a bra fit?

Although we wear this garment every day, we have never been told how a bra should look. The usual procedure is to go to a store, try on several bras (or thousands of them) and, if we like one, calculate above if it fits us. The first day you are very excited, the second you find some drawbacks and the third, you realize that you will not put it on again.

How should a bra fit?

It is a reality: we completely ignore what we should look for when buying a bra.


A new bra fastens on the outer clasp. Over time it will give itself a little and you can use the middle and inside brackets. Do it the other way around if you are pregnant so that you can use the middle and outer brackets as your breast grows.


The key to a bra is the back band. Good support is only achieved by distributing the weight between the back and the front. It is the back band – not the straps!! That supports the breast and distributes the weight evenly between the front and the back.

That is why the band of the bra must always be straight and firm: that it tightens a little without suffocating or leaving marks. Try raising and lowering your arms – the back band should not move up.


The rings rest on the body, never on the breast. The route of the ring must be wide and respect the natural contour of the breast, even under the arm: they must not be nailed or hurt.

The central part – the piece between the cups – has to be flat and seated on the body without nailing itself.


The cups should cover the breast naturally and comfortably. It is essential that no skin protrudes above or on the sides of the glasses and that the glasses do not hollow out. A trick: bend your body forward and fit your breast well into the cups before fastening.


Adjust the straps to medium position and place them in the (almost imperceptible) gap that we have between shoulders and neck. Once the bra is on, adjust the straps as you want and separately: they are not too tight because they would move the back band upwards.

When you’re still in the changing room and you think you’ve finally found a bra that suits you, don’t forget to check it with your outerwear: put something on top and see the effect in the mirror. Wearing a bra that is the correct size and feels good is not only important, but it also enhances your outward appearance and makes you feel better.

Check does the bra fit you

Pay attention to these 3 indications that your bra does not fit you.

  1. There is a gap between the bra and the breastbone. That part of the garment, where the two rings meet, must be tight against the skin. A gap may indicate that the band is too big or the cups are too small. This is a very common mistake and many women must wear a larger cup and a smaller sash.
  2. The ring is on top of the breast tissue or worse, it digs into it. Put your fingers where the hoop ends under the armpits. Is it on top of the breast tissue? It should be behind it. A larger cup will solve this problem.
  3. The back of the bra goes up. Although it fits you well when you first put it on, if the band rises during the day and is not parallel to the front band, it is not the right size. Also, this can create bumps on the skin or fat on the back. A proper bra will leave a smooth contour on your back.
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