How to choose the perfect bra for breast?

How to choose the perfect bra for breast?

Just as we take care of our breasts when we exercise and try to choose the sports bra that suits our needs, we also have to pay attention to the one we choose for our day-to-day life. That is why we have turned to the advice of the experts. Cup, ring and suspenders are some of the details that we cannot ignore.

How to choose the perfect bra for breast?

Have you ever bought a bra simply because you thought it was ‘cute’ and hadn’t even tried it on? This can be a mistake if you will wear it daily and not just in a special situation. Choosing the right bra is crucial, and doing without this garment occasionally sets the trend is not recommended. It is estimated that around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Many cling to the idea of ​​a specific size when the important thing is whether a bra fits us correctly or not. Therefore, the advice that we are going to give you is essential.

Keys to choosing the perfect bra for you

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that it is not advisable to buy a bra when you are ovulating or have your period. In those days, the chest may be swollen, so the size would not be real.

  • Bras cannot squeeze, mark, or pull out pleats. It is essential that they provide comfort and, especially, that they respect the natural shape of your chest and back.
  • The back strap cannot be below the lower chest line, nor can it be too long or too short. It should also not leave marks on the shoulders.
  • If the bra is with an underwire, it must be close to the thorax. It cannot be detached or invade the chest upwards.
  • Keep in mind that the body changes with age, so the chest does too. A bra that would fit you divinely in your 20s doesn’t have to do it in your 40s. Check your measurements frequently to always buy the right size.
  • If you have a large chest, always opt for models that have wide and comfortable straps so they can bear the weight well.
  • In the event that you need a bra for a special reason, it is best to speak with a specialist to guide you on the most appropriate one. It can be, for example, for breastfeeding, mastectomies, breast operations, sports, etc.
  • Another interesting tip is that you try on different sizes since even if you have yours clear, each manufacturer is different and can vary from one model to another.
  • Do not use the same bra for everything. Choose models that have a specific function. If you want to enhance, choose a suitable one, the same if you want comfort, not wearing suspenders, filling, etc.


Don’t buy bras when you’re ovulating or having your period. The size may vary. Don’t hold on to the past. Your body changes with age and so does your chest. Check your measurements from time to time.

In cases such as breastfeeding, breast operations, mastectomies … consult an expert on which type of bra is best for you. Even if you have your clear size, each store is different. Don’t buy a bra without trying it on.

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