Is it necessary to wear a bra? Discover the myth on the bra

Is it necessary to wear a bra? Discover the myth on the bra

Wearing a bra or not wearing it is associated with a series of myths and truths related to our health. How much is true in this controversy? The bra should not be worn for more than 7 – 8 hours. Keep it when you are at work or if you go out, but take it off when you get home. This will allow your breasts to relax.

Is it necessary to wear a bra? It is a question that undoubtedly generates controversy. There are those who defend the use of the sword bra, those who think it is correct to wear it only at certain times of the day and those who believe that this item of underwear is really useless. In this article, we will give you more information on a doubt that haunts women, namely whether it is good or bad to wear a bra.

Is it necessary to wear a bra?

Study on the effects of the bra on the breasts: Dr Jean Denis Rouillon, from the University of CA, has been studying the effects of bra on women for many years.

Her research is based on the analysis, observation and breast measurement of over 300 volunteers, allowing each to tell their own experience about the use or not of the bra. Some of them agreed to take it off in certain situations (for example, while playing sports), while others never took it off.

According to the first conclusions, when this underwear is not worn, the nipples grow on average 7 mm per year. But why does this happen? Because the breasts are strengthened.

For many volunteers, playing sports without a bra was not a problem, as was not wearing it to work, to a party or to stay at home. These women had their breasts not hurt in the evening, and they did not even feel pressure or discomfort during the day.

The only drawback could be the reaction of the others who, annoyed, told them to wear the bra. What is certain is that the results of this study could exclude a large portion of the female population: women with very large breasts, overweight or already mothers.

During pregnancy, for example, the breasts start to grow and the mammary glands tend to move downwards: in this case, it would be okay to wear a bra.

Myths and truths about using the bra

If you think that women have always worn a bra, then you are very wrong. The latter is simply a modern invention in the field of fashion.

Some myths and truths that revolve around the use of the bra are:

  1. It is necessary to wear a bra

To bra could cause stretch marks, flaccidity and loss of firmness of the breast. Therefore, perhaps, we are faced with a “false necessity.”

  1. The bra is essential to fight against the law of gravity.

We don’t know what Isaac Newton would say about it, but the sure thing is that most women think they should use the bra because it helps them avoid sagging breasts. It seems to be a purely feminine law: the truth is that the bra limits the growth of the tissues that support the breast. Therefore it would bring neither anatomical nor physiological benefits.

  1. The models with underwire are better

Undoubtedly, they better outline the shape of the breast and are very elegant, but they also have contraindications. Excessive use of the bra with the underwire could cause both internal and external injuries.

  1. The bra can also be worn at night

Some women do not take off their bra even when they go to bed, thinking they feel more comfortable, especially if they sleep on their stomachs. These are beliefs without scientific foundations or real habits.

According to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the microscopic ligaments are sufficient to support the structure of the breast.

When something else, namely the bra, does this work for them, they weaken. At this point, this part of the body is likely to become flabby.

  1. The bigger the breasts, the tighter the braces should be

In addition to taking into account the characteristics of the bra, it is important to buy a model whose straps are compatible with the size and weight of the breast. If you have large breasts, the straps should be wider (vice versa if you have small breasts). You should also know that the shorter the braces, the less the breast ligaments will work.

When you take off the bra, therefore, the breasts will tend to lower more than they should, like an elastic that relaxes after being in tension for hours and hours.

  1. It is necessary to wear a bra when doing sports or during pregnancy

This is absolutely true because, in these situations, the breasts make different efforts and movements than usual or grow much more. Surely you have to wear a specific model according to your needs and always remember to take it off before going to sleep or after exercising.

Other circumstances that may make it necessary to use the bra are:

  • Breast too large in proportion to the body.
  • Women who are breastfeeding or who are already in menopause.

Finally, the bra should not be worn for more than 7 – 8 hours. Keep it when you are at work or if you go out, but take it off when you get home.  In this way, you will allow your breasts to relax and avoid the risks associated with this underwear.

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