Is wearing a bra bad for your back? Keep these requirements in consideration

Is wearing a bra bad for your back? Keep these requirements in consideration

From the fearsome corset that took the ladies’ to breathe away, it caused more than one faint to the first modern bra patented in 1914 by the New York aristocrat Mary Phelps. The bra has undergone various improvements and modifications, both aesthetically and functional, but its main mission has been to enhance the figure of women.

A garment that is sometimes controversial because it is a symbol of the oppression of women. However, leaving aside the social component at the medical level has also caused discussions about whether or not it is good for women’s health. Is wearing a bra bad for your back? A perfect bra will never be bad for you.

Is wearing a bra bad for your back?

Although it may seem incredible, around 70% of women do not wear the correct bra and nine out of ten do not know their bra size.

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It is unusual for a woman to know and wear her exact size. Therefore most are not right when choosing a suitable model for them. Furthermore, not all brands and models are based on the same design and if the person who attends you is not specialized in corsetry, the probability of making a mistake is very high.

The size and quality of the bra are important, as must be achieved a model that adapts to each type of breast. Since improper use could affect the health of the back and its correct position. The bra must fit your body.

Consider these things before wearing a bra to avoid back damage

  1. It should not squeeze or leave marks: It should be comfortable and comfortable.
  2. Review our measurements from time to time: The body changes and more with age. Therefore it is important that from time to time, we use our meter and measure our contour. We cannot wear the same one for years as much affection as we have for a bra.
  3. The width of the strap and the shape of the ring have to be not only aesthetic but functional: From time to time, we may want to buy a bra that is not the typical basic for day to day, but that is not incompatible with what adapts adequately to our body.
  4. The contour is not the same as the cup. The contour is related to the width of the back. It is measured in centimeters and usually ranges from 85 to 110. The cup refers to the volume of the breast itself or the contour of the chest and ranges from the letter A to E.
  5. The ring must not crush or detach from the body. Although now, there are models that do not carry.
  6. Never buy a bra when you have your period, as the size can vary. Something that also happens when you are pregnant because the breasts increase in size, volume, weight, and rings should be avoided.
  7. It is preferable to use fabrics such as cotton. Some materials such as lycra prevent the body from sweating properly.
  8. It is not recommended to use it to sleep. During the rest hours, we should take it off.
  9. For very voluminous breasts, it is recommended to wear a bra. Not only to avoid possible back injuries but also because it would prevent Cooper’s ligaments from pulling and stretching.
  10. Wear special bras for sports. This way, we will avoid sudden chest oscillation when running or doing other types of activities.

Once you have cleared up some doubts, now it only remains for everyone to decide to wear it or not. Despite what you may think, is wearing a bra bad for your back? This study and others have not found a direct relationship between wearing a bra and breast cancer. Of course, you must find your appropriate size and model.

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