The best feminine hygiene tips that you should follow

best feminine hygiene tips

The best feminine hygiene tips that you should follow

Many women worry about taking care of their bodies. But they forget a very important part of it: their intimate area! Therefore, we give you the best feminine hygiene tips to take care of your intimate area.

The fact of not feeling any discomfort does not mean that this part of your body is totally healthy or that it could not be the focus of some infection or discomfort soon.

Avoid products with intense aromas

feminine hygiene tips should follow

Let’s face it, women care about having a good scent, even in our intimate area!

The problem is that many chamomile-scented products such as perfumes, lotions, oils, body creams, and sanitary napkins can irritate this part of your body and even cause allergies!

Do not abuse the panty protectors

Using them a few days before your period can help prevent unexpected accidents. But, one of the best feminine hygiene tips is to use them sparingly!

The reason? Pantyliners increase vaginal heat and moisture, which encourages the growth of fungi and bacteria in the vagina.

Never wear wet clothes

And we don’t just mean avoiding wearing panties or jeans that are wet, if you put away your underwear or swimsuit when it hasn’t completely dried it can cause bacteria to build upon it and you could get an infection the next time you wear it! use them!

Change your towel constantly

Another of the most effective feminine hygiene tips? Do not spend more than 4 hours with the same sanitary pad, otherwise, you could not only give off an unpleasant smell and feel uncomfortable but also cause a vaginal infection!

Wear cotton underwear

Another of the best feminine hygiene tips is to wear underwear made of cotton since with this material the skin will be able to perspire better and you will keep your vaginal area at its ideal temperature to avoid humidity and the appearance of fungi or bacteria!

Do not use intimate deodorants

You should not be obsessed with the smell of the genital area. Even if you carry out hygiene correctly, it is natural that it has a certain smell.

Using deodorants or products for the intimate area that contain perfumes or alcohol will irritate and cause discomfort in the area.

Follow the proper sense for cleaning

Cleaning the intimate area should ALWAYS be done from the front to the back, whether it is cleaning in the bathroom after urinating, or if we are talking about hygiene.

In this way, it will be much more difficult for germs from the anal area to come into contact with the urethra and can lead to an infection.

Other tips to keep in mind

Whenever possible, it is convenient that you wash the intimate area before and after sexual intercourse. This will reduce the risk of infections.

Be careful with excess hair removal in the intimate area. Pubic hair fulfills a function, protects the intimate area, prevents clothing from rubbing, stops sweat,…

In the event that you notice dryness in the genital area, use a specific moisturizing product. Dryness, in addition to causing discomfort and itching, can alter the protective function of the skin. Therefore, dryness can favor the appearance of infections or other discomforts.


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