Turn A Day Look Into An Evening Look In 3 Simple Steps!

An Evening Look In 3 Simple Steps

Turn A Day Look Into An Evening Look In 3 Simple Steps!

How many times during the day do you suddenly make commitments for the same evening or have to spend a night out? Maybe leaving the office directly or in any case immediately after work, not having the time to go home?

Those who stay out all day know very well how complicated it is to get to the evening with flawless makeup, wigs, and outfits even more if the day doesn’t end with work or university.

So, how do you turn a day outfit into an evening look? The answer is: with a range of extremely versatile garments, with the right accessories, and with all our extra tips for a professional make-up touch-up. In this post, you will see a series of looks that you can inspire yourself, many ideas, and tricks to be flawless on every occasion! Are you curious to know more? If the answer is yes, then you just have to keep reading!


In this case, when looking for an outfit that is perfect for both day and evening, the keyword is versatility! You have to choose those universal garments that, if enriched with the right accessories and combined in a certain way, will never make you feel out of place, neither in the morning nor in the evening.

What are we referring to? To the classic and timeless little black dress for example! Whether it’s the typical sheath dress worn by stars of the caliber of Audrey Hepburn, or even a slightly wider A-line model or narrow at the waist and soft on the hips, the black dress is certainly really effective on any occasion.

To be combined in the morning with a colored garment to play it down, such as a blazer with a bright and vitamin color for a fresh and energetic light.

And how to transform it for the evening? For example, bringing with you a slightly rock-aggressive faux leather jacket and retouching your make-up in a simple and effective way, but we will talk about this shortly!

Another must-have and extremely versatile garment par excellence is jeans with some elegant details. Obviously if for the type of work you do you have the opportunity to wear it, you can really indulge yourself!

So a pair of boyfriend or skinny jeans, combined with a heel and a slightly particular top, will be perfect for both day and evening.

And if you choose a type of wash a little darker than the classic blue jeans, then that’s it! Once again perfect to combine with a chic-style blazer! Here are some looks to inspire you.

If you love skirts, in your wardrobe you can certainly not miss one that has a print, a pattern, or a particular and effective fabric!

In fact, by wearing only one garment capable of attracting attention, you will give your outfit extra gear and a touch of originality that will leave everyone speechless!


As you know, accessories play a really fundamental role in the success of an outfit. Thus an office look, consisting for example of an essential and minimal suit, can be easily enriched with a flashy necklace or bright chandelier earrings.

The same goes for the shoes you wear: if your job requires you to stand many hours and therefore comfortable and low shoes, choose a large bag and bring a pair of heels with you that you can wear when needed. Your look will really change in the blink of an eye without any kind of effort!

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