Best pregnancy book if you are expecting a baby

Best pregnancy book

Best pregnancy book if you are expecting a baby

One of the most exciting moments for a woman yearning to become a mother is when she first sees a positive pregnancy test. From that moment on, a path full of happiness will begin, but also a lot of uncertainty and doubts that will lead us to ask ourselves. You need a pregnancy book to answer all kinds of questions about pregnancy and the moment of delivery.

If you are pregnant and you want to know how your body will change in the coming months, how your baby will develop or how to face childbirth in a positive and relaxed way, we share this list with 11 essential pregnancy books about pregnancy and childbirth.

pregnancy book you need

The Pregnancy Bible

An essential book that covers all stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, without forgetting the most practical aspects of the feelings and emotions that the mother goes through. It contains a large number of illustrations and photographs that facilitate a clear understanding of the text and allow to visualize the development of the baby during the months of gestation.

We Are Going To Be Parents

It is a comprehensive manual that covers from planning pregnancy and the months of gestation to postpartum. It is written by two mothers who narrate the experiences they have known through their respective professions as a journalist and gynecologists. This book answers all questions clearly and rigorously but also with humor.

The Adventure Of Pregnancy

A practical book that encompasses the entire pregnancy process; from everything you need to know before getting pregnant, to the types of delivery, relaxation techniques, and the first hours of the baby’s life.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting

A pregnancy book guide that responds in a simple way to all the concerns of future mothers. Written simply, realistically, and helpfully, its pages are packed with tips for fully experiencing your pregnancy, delivery, and the first few weeks with your baby.

The Conscious Woman’s Guide To Better Labor

From the author Henci Goer. It is an excellent work that helps us make informed decisions and deals with, among other topics: the medicalization of childbirth, repeat cesarean sections, the breech baby at term, or induction of labor.

The Baby Is A Mammal

A must-read book by Michel Odent to understand the biological reasons why it is preferable to choose a respected birth, in twilight and that allows natural oxytocin to do its work in the body of the woman and her child.

The New Revolution Of Birth. The Path To A New Paradigm

Dr. Isabel Fernández del Castillo talks about the importance of opting for a respected delivery free of unnecessary interventions. Science is showing overwhelming evidence that promotes spontaneous labor. And postpartum is a long-term investment in the physical, emotional, mental and social health of mothers and their babies.

Give Birth. The Power Of Childbirth

Through this book, the psychiatrist Ibone Olza proposes to understand childbirth from psychology and neurosciences. Starting from what women tell, integrating the stories of the experiences of childbirth with the help of psychology, neuroendocrinology, or even neuroimaging. An essay on the most vital experience that a woman can go through from the point of view of her and the baby.

Being Born By Cesarean Section

From Ibone Olza and the gynecologist Enrique Lebrero. This pregnancy book is essential to inform us about cesarean sections. The real reasons why they are necessary. And the best way to integrate them into our experience of motherhood and breastfeeding.

Safe Delivery

Written by Dutch midwives. It is a complete guide to natural childbirth with abundant illustrated information and the experiences of different mothers. Narrated in an entertaining way, it offers a great number of advice for the expectant mother. And will help her to prepare physically and mentally for the birth to unfold as spontaneously as possible.


This pregnancy book teaches us how we can change the perception of childbirth through very deep relaxation techniques. And it is that ** staying calm and feeling safe is essential ** for labor to progress naturally. A manual that shows us how to gain confidence in the ability to give birth. And replace fear and anxiety with confidence and security.

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