10 tips for a peaceful pregnancy

10 tips for a peaceful pregnancy

10 tips for a peaceful pregnancy

Dear future mothers, eliminating alcohol and smoking is not enough to have a peaceful pregnancy, there are other very important tips to follow. Which? Here they are below in a practical mini-guide designed for you!

Beyond those that are the strict rules to follow during the period of pregnancy, and which we have talked about specifically here, there are other behavioral rules that would be better to take into account to live the expectation with greater serenity. This is a series of small precautions that with little effort could help you avoid excessive fatigue during the long months of gestation. Do not worry, we have already talked about sacrifices and privations, in this case, it is just some precious, and harmless, advice which will allow you to correct your lifestyle and adapt it to your interesting state.

Take a look below at our mini guide for expectant designed specifically for you and take note!

  1. Stress, anger, and anxiety banished

Yes, it is true, it is not at all easy to avoid stress, but at least at this time of your life, try to stay away from it as much as possible. No unnecessary quarrels and anger, do not tire yourself with worries and thoughts that make you anxious, and give yourself breaks and naps whenever your body requires it.

  1. No to a sedentary lifestyle!

Avoid sitting for too long and standing for too long: change your position often, this will help reactivate circulation and avoid swelling. Remember that walking and long walks are a real cure-all during pregnancy.

  1. Yes to sport, but in moderation! And choose the right ones

Beware of practicing sports during pregnancy! Exercising while pregnant is absolutely recommended, but with moderation and attention! Not all disciplines are suitable for a pregnant woman. Choose swimming or gentle gymnastics, or indulge in long walks, even better if in the middle of the green. Your mind will thank you too.

  1. Don’t overdo it, better stop first!

It’s okay to exercise, but be careful not to overdo it: a good rule to follow in this case is to stop before feeling tired. You don’t have to win the marathon or run the Olympics, just a little healthy movement to help you feel better and not feel weighed down.

  1. Remember to get enough sleep

It is never trivial to remember: sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night helps to lead a healthier and more peaceful life. If this is a golden rule in general, you can imagine how much more it is for you future mothers. So, do not underestimate the importance of sleep, you will reap physical and psychological benefits from it.

  1. Keep track of your weight form

Keeping your weight under control, which translated into less sympathetic terms means: don’t overeat and pay attention to nutrition. It is not easy, we know, but you must try to commit yourself not to indulge your every culinary desire and to allow yourself only a little madness, you will see that you will gain health and the pregnancy will be less demanding for you.

  1. Remember that you are more sensitive: protect yourself from loud noises and light sources

Try to avoid prolonged exposure to too loud noises and too intense light: during pregnancy, you are much more delicate and sensitive. Don’t forget! Better one less night at the disco and a nice quiet dinner with more friends, trust me, your health will thank you, and your future baby too!

  1. Watch out for toxic and harmful products!

It is known that during the pregnancy woman the sense of smell turns out to be much more sensitive than usual, and often very strong smells that normally would not cause you problems, could cause you nausea. Be careful to choose natural products for personal cleansing and home cleaning. In short, products and chemicals are banned.

  1. Do some muscle relaxation exercises

Often in pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, you can experience back fatigue and discomfort, primarily due to the weight of the belly, a good way to try to prevent and treat them is to do some simple muscle relaxation exercises. In this case, meditation, yoga, and guided breathing techniques are also excellent, which also act on a psychological as well as physical level.

  1. Bye bye heels!

A good piece of advice to follow, dear future mothers, would be to say goodbye for a while in stilettos and wear comfortable footwear. If you really can’t get away from the beloved heels, try not to overdo it, preferring shoes with wide-fitting heels, not too high and that offer adequate support to the arch.


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