Does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

Does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

Not using the bra, the natural movement favors a massage that stimulates the lymphatic circulation. In this way, the elimination of toxins is facilitated and the risk of cancer is reduced. Nowadays, the bra has become a necessary garment for most women, as it helps to support and cover a very important intimate part.

Does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

Over time, bras have assumed an increasingly important role also in the field of fashion. In fact, they are a garment that enhances one of the most seductive female forms.

However, since the last century, numerous researches have been conducted that have highlighted the negative effects of the use of the bra on breast health, so much so that this garment becomes an enemy of the woman.

According to these studies, wearing a tight bra is important to emphasize. We are talking about those who “oppress” and exert too much pressure on this part of the body for many hours a day, hindering the breasts’ lymphatic drainage and increasing their temperature. It affects the possibility of developing a disease.

The bra and lymphatic circulation

Since the 1930s, studies have begun on the relationship between bras and the development of breast cancer. Research has continued over time and one of the most recent has found that wearing a bra can lead to compression of several lymph nodes and lymphatic channels.

This prevents the natural elimination of toxins through the lymphatic drainage, which then accumulates in the sinuses and, over time, generates cysts, nodules and, in some cases, tumors.

When women wear a bra of the wrong size that is too tight, the capillaries and lymphatic vessels are compressed and proper circulation is impeded. Bras also cause a considerable increase in the temperature of the breasts due to the fabric that covers them and the pressure they exert on them. The breast in the pretumor or tumor phase has a higher temperature than a healthy breast.

Free breasts: a natural massage

When a woman is not wearing a bra, her breasts are free and the natural movement produced by walking is a kind of massage that stimulates proper lymphatic circulation. In this way, the elimination of toxins is favored and there is a lower risk of developing cysts or tumors.

In addition to this, it has been shown that those who do not wear a bra tend to experience less discomfort. Pain in the breasts than those who, instead, wear it.

Two British surgeons who specialize in breast cancer decided to subject a group of women to an experiment, asking some not to wear a bra to determine if the pain was lessening. The results of the experiment showed that women who hadn’t worn a bra for three months felt less or no pain.

The bra: a false necessity of today’s women


Thanks to the success achieved by the textile industry in the manufacture of bras of any type. The belief has spread that without a bra, the breast is not supported and therefore “falls.”

Many women are based on this belief and, fearing that their breasts will lose tone, they also wear bras at night when they sleep.

However, since 1978, several medical studies conducted in France, the United States, Japan and Great Britain have revealed that the belief of the bra that maintains the firmness of the breast is a false belief and that, on the contrary, the bra can stimulate the “fall “Of the breast.

There are conflicting opinions on this issue: the myth of the free and sagging breast is now well established. Despite there are no studies and medical data to confirm it.

More recent studies carried out in Japan and France have revealed the opposite of what was previously thought, namely that not wearing a bra helps firms support the breasts and skin in this area.

How can this be explained?

If a woman always wears a bra, Cooper’s ligaments, muscles and skin, which are the natural support of the chest, stop performing their function and deteriorate, while the breasts lose tone and become saggier with the spend some time.

The breasts are covered with a thin but very strong membrane, which gets stronger and stronger as it performs its function. In turn, the breasts are supported by ligaments, as if there were some sort of protective net. And this is precisely why many women experience a sensation of something pulling when they stop wearing the bra. It is not that the breasts are falling out, but, on the contrary, they are starting to work to regain tone.

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