How to prevent situations of violence against women?

Prevent violence against women

How to prevent situations of violence against women?

The best way to eradicate violence against women is to prevent it. Follow these specialist recommendations.

Violence against women stems from social norms and stereotypes that perpetuate gender discrimination in a macho society. The best way to eradicate it is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here we give you some recommendations in this regard.

Recognize the signs

Raise your voice against violence against women

The first step in prevention is to familiarize individuals and the community with the possible signs and indicators of gender-based violence. These signs can vary and do not always include physical symptoms. Since violence against women includes many forms of abuse. Such as psychological, verbal, and economic abuse, among others.

Educate your community

A good start to eradicating gender-based violence is to start educating as many people as possible about it, its impact, and how to intervene safely. This can be done through the collaboration of the Secretary of Citizen Security, or by organizing women and other members of the community to implement talks or group sessions to discuss the issue, especially in local schools and companies.

Organize your community

Involving neighbors to intervene to stop an abuser or make their community a place where gender-based violence will not be tolerated, builds confidence for women to report that they are abused. Just as many neighborhoods have neighborhood watches to stop crime, start organizing a network of people who will commit to intervening in domestic violence situations, help victims safely separate from their abusers, and provide a community support structure for the survivors.

Listen to empower. If a victim of gender violence approaches you, listen to her. Let her know that you believe her and don’t judge her choices. Victims often feel completely isolated and are often belittled by their abuser; it’s important that she feels safe and muster enough courage to tell you exactly what’s going on and ask for help.

Stand by. If you suspect your friend, co-worker, or family member is a victim of violence, offer to wait for her text or emergency call. Keep your phone on and fully charged at all times and put it away. If you have a car and need to intervene immediately, make sure the gas tank is full so you can get in and immediately drive to the victim’s location.

Have an intervention plan

Make a plan to react immediately when you receive a distress message from a victim. To do this, you must have the necessary contact numbers for the local police and the national helpline against gender-based violence: Line 100.

Document any incidents you witness

Take note of the dates, times, injuries, and any other observations. Your ongoing documentation can help bolster the victim’s courage and credibility when she is finally willing to take legal action against her abuser. If you have photographic or audiovisual material, you can reinforce a future complaint and/or sentence.

Avoid drug and alcohol abuse or environments where they exist

Drug and alcohol use is directly related to loss of control over behavior. This, on many occasions, can lead to violent behaviors that are beyond the reach of those who consume them. For the same reason, and as advice to prevent gender violence. It is recommended that you do not stay in environments where they are abused. Which can cause uncontrolled behavior, or if you yourself are the one who does it, seek help.

Seek help from professionals and institutions

In the event that you yourself are the one mentally or psychologically abusing women. You should seek help from professional services that can help you change your mindset. The same goes for cases in which we see that another person is the one who can mistreat a woman. The best thing to prevent is whenever it is treated from a professional point of view to change certain behaviors and beliefs.

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